Globally, freight is increasingly transported in containers. Each year the share of containerised freight increases by about 10 per cent. More clients are choosing to transport freight in containers, as it allows synergy between different modes of transport. Container transport is extremely safe for the freight itself – the goods are protected from damage and environmental effects. Containers are easy to store, load and transport. Containerised freight is adapted to be suitable for transport by various types of vehicles. Containers are easily transported by ships, trains, as well as by haulers and container semi-trailers by road.  

The well-developed railway infrastructure managed by LTG Cargo allows us to offer existing and potential clients various container train services, since the transport and maintenance services are provided not only in locally, but also in other European and Asian countries.  

The container train services portfolio of LTG Cargo includes:  

Train Klaipėda - Kaunas / Vilnius 

SlawkowPrushkow- Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT)