Intermodal transport is one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient freight transport solutions.  

We organise domestic and international freight transport. We transport oversized and other specialised cargo on various routes.  

An economically reasonable choice for the logistics market facing the challenges of rising fuel prices and labour shortages
A sustainable solution and a significant step towards achieving the European Commission’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. Freight transport by rail emits 9 times less greenhouse gas than transport by road and uses up to 10 times less fuel
A way to develop important connections between logistics centres without creating an additional load on the roads, contributing to traffic safety

A significant component of intermodal transport is Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT), where it is possible to carry out loading operations and distribute freight among trains used for 1435mm and 1520mm tracks.  

Documents of the contract on providing Intermodal services

Green Kilometre Cartificate

In response to the need of clients and partners to calculate how much CO2 emissions can be saved when transporting intermodal freight by rail, the LTG Cargo team developed the Green Kilometrage Calculator.  

Freight relocated to the railways from roads can be transported over long distances more sustainably and safely. In Western Europe, the intermodal freight sector has been growing rapidly for more than a decade. Lithuania joined the network of intermodal freight transport by rail in the summer of 2021 after opening the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal. In order to evaluate the contribution of clients to environmental protection during the transportation of this type of freight, we have developed a methodology for recording the CO2e savings of intermodal freight.   

From 2022, clients’ contribution to environmental protection by transporting freight in an intermodal way is recorded in LTG Cargo’s Green Kilometre Cartificate. More than 150 companies were awarded certificates confirming their achievements in protecting the environment in this way this year.  

1,000 trees absorb about 1,540 tons of CO2e during their lifetime. During intermodal freight transport in 2022, LTG Cargo clients together saved 67,500 tons of CO2 emissions. This amount of CO2e would take the lifetime (~70 years) of almost 44,000 trees to be absorbed!  

We congratulate and are grateful to each customer for a sustainable partnership and invite those considering joining to accumulate their Green Kilometers for 2023.  

Why does this matter? The European Commission has set out a goal that by 2030 about 30% of freight transported over more than 300km should be transported by rail or water, and by 2050 this should exceed 50%.   

The partial redirection of freight from road to rail (over long distances) is in line with the EU-announced initiative Shift2Raill and helps to achieve the green goal of reducing CO2 emissions from transport.  

Find out how you can start accumulating your Green Kilometres and get a certificate confirming it today. 

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Find out how you can start accumulating your Green Kilometres and get a certificate confirming it today.