Wagon Repair: 

  • Depot, capital, routine repair, and modernisation works of all types of freight wagons;   
  • Major repair work extending the service life of open wagons, platform, tank, and covered wagons; 
  • Repair, service life extension and modernisation of freight wagons, repair of coupling devices and brake equipment; 
  • Routine, preventive, capital (major) repair of wheelsets; 
  • Diagnostics of freight wagons by extending their service life, as well as painting, and hydraulic tests of tank wagons in accordance with RID and SMGS requirements; 
  • Conversion of refrigerator wagons into universal covered wagons with an insulated body; 
  • Inspection of railway templates. 

The container repair shop carries out: 

  • Major repairs of containers 20T – 1 CC, 30T – 45G1;   
  • Routine repairs of containers 20T – 1 CC, 30T – 45G1. 

During major repair, containers are certified in accordance with the 1972 Customs Convention on Containers.