Repair and Modernisation Services

We offer LTG Cargo clients repair services for locomotives, wagons, and assemblies. The Company also provides locomotive modernisation services. Types of repair and modernisation services. 

We implement innovative locomotive modernisation projects  
We have five activity centres in Lithuania
We provide a wide range of services: from rolling stock repair to specialised production projects  


  • Long-term experience. For more than a hundred years, freight wagons have been successfully repaired at the Radviliškis depot; 
  • Territorial availability. The geographical position of the freight wagon depot in Radviliškis ensures good connections with other important cities; 
  • Qualified and experienced team. The employees of the freight wagon depot are constantly improving their qualifications in Lithuania and abroad. The high quality of the work they perform has earned the trust of clients, and wagons owned by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian companies are currently being repaired at the depot; 
  • Respect for clients. We prioritize the client's needs, and before signing each contract, we constantly look for individual solutions. 

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