Freight Forwarding

LTG Cargo organises freight transport in countries with both 1520mm and Western European 1435mm wide tracks. Favourable geographical location, suitable infrastructure, and the opportunity to reload freight onto wagons adapted to a specific track open up possibilities for freight transport in the directions of Western Europe and even Asia.   

The company provides combined transport, where freight is transported by rail, sea, road, and other services. 

Development of a technological process of combined freight transport
Freight transport by rail, sea, road transport
Organisation of wagon administration services
Organisation and/or provision of warehousing, customs brokering, loading, and clearance of consignment documents services

Map of all routes

Map of all routes
Freight transport in countries with both 1435mm and Western European 1435mm gauge tracks.
We have subsidiaries in Poland and Ukraine, so we can offer complex services that meet various needs. 
Semi-trailers and containers are transported by rail in specially adapted wagons to Western and Southern Europe.
Connection with the non-freezing seaport of Klaipėda.
Environmentally friendly transport by rail, requiring up to 10 times less fuel than transport by road. 

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For forwarding services, please contact the Client Consulting Centre: 

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Loading and Storage

Standard LTG Cargo freight handling services are provided at freight stations. Freight safety and maintenance is ensured from the beginning to the end of storage.  

For storage and other additional services at railway stations, please contact LTG Infra.  

Mobile crew service

LTG Cargo offers its clients the service of mobile crews to carry out loading work at all railway stations. Mobile crews provide basic loading services and respond to each individual order. 

For mobile crew service, please contact the Client Consulting Centre by phone +370 5202 1515 or email[email protected] 

LTG Cargo can offer storage services in open and closed areas. 

Freight can be stored in ordinary and type A customs warehouses, where a full set of services is provided: 

  • storage 
  • temporary storage 
  • loading and/or unloading operations 
  • freight sorting, assembly, weighing, etc. 

Freight safety and condition preservation in warehouses is ensured from the beginning to the end of storage.