The terminal is connected to the Western European 1435mm and the Eastern 1520mm gauges, and is also located in the geographical centre of the country with a well-developed railway infrastructure that opens the way to Western and Eastern European markets and other countries. The terminal is the main centre for loading containers and semi-trailers and railway transport in Lithuania. During a working day, the terminal is capable of loading 168 TEUs. 

Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) creates opportunities to realise one of the most important goals of the EU and Lithuania – to reduce road loads and transfer the major burden of freight transport to railways. 

Kaunas Intermodal Terminal helps to ensure the intermodality of Kaunas Public Logistics Centre (PLC) on the territory of Palemonas station: the recently built European Rail Baltica track turned Kaunas PLC into one of the strongest freight transport and logistics centres in the Baltic Sea region. 


Palemonas in the Kaunas district was chosen as a convenient geographical centre of the country – there is an efficiently developed railway infrastructure and convenient connections with the main state roads (A1 and A6 highways, etc.); moreover, international transport corridors and Kaunas airport are nearby, Klaipėda sea port, opening the way to Western European markets and other countries is also close. 

gantry crane for containers – hoisting capacity of 40t with automatic gripper for 20, 40, and 45 feet containers and semi-trailers.
hauler with 1-axle semi-trailer – container transport platform.
3.5t truck loaders.
four railway loading tracks – useful track length of 1360m (two tracks with 1520mm gauge, and two tracks with 1435mm gauge)
Container storage site with 1120 TEU places
Storage site for containers with refrigeration equipment with 16 TEU places
3900 sq. m. covered warehouse with side ramp inside
loading of containers.
loading of semi-trailers
freight loading with slings (metal, oversized cargo, "bigbags")
loading of palletised freight (up to 3.5 t of freight packed on a pallet)
manual loading (when the weight of the freight package is up to 25 kg).