LTG Cargo to deliver freight carriage services for ORLEN Lietuva in Latvia and Estonia

LTG Cargo, a freight transport company of LTG Group, expands the geography of its activities.  The company, aiming at the integration of its activities into North-Western Europe, launches the freight carriage services delivered in Latvia and Estonia to ORLEN Lietuva operating the only crude oil refinery in the Baltic States.

Starting from March, LTG Cargo will ensure delivery of the freight carriage services on the entire 311 km route Bugeniai (Lithuania) – Valga (Estonia) for the transportation of Lithuanian petroleum products. Provision of the rail carriage services started after the contract award to the freight carrier through the international tender announced by Public Company ORLEN Lietuva.

‘We are expanding the geography of our activities by launching delivery of the freight carriage services in Latvia and Estonia to one of the largest companies in the region; until now, such services for this company were provided in Lithuania only. By ensuring the transportation of petroleum products to Estonia, we will continue focusing on meeting our customer's needs and the increase of our services efficiency. We have mobilized all resources necessary for the transportation activities, have certified our locomotives in the territory of Latvia, and have brought together a team of professionals and train drivers. Development of international transportation is our strategic objective; therefore, sustainable logistics solutions will be offered in the future to a wider range of customers to any railway station in Estonia’, says Eglė Šimė, CEO of LTG Cargo.

‘Last year, the tender was announced by AB ORLEN Lietuva for the provision of transportation services in Latvia and Estonia as well as by transit through Latvia. I’m glad that the situation on the market of such services has changed’, told Radoslaw Misztalewski, General Director of AB ORLEN Lietuva. ‘Private carriers capable of providing rail carriage services in the Baltic States continue to emerge on the market. This increasing competition among the carriers benefits everyone. It has positive effects on ORLEN Lietuva’ logistics costs and, at the same time, stimulates the progress in the development of the railway infrastructure of the Baltic States as well as in opening of the rail logistics market to the service providers from other countries.’

LTG Cargo is now able to transport freight through the Baltic countries by train sets weighing up to 5300 tonnes with wagons or cisterns. Freight from Lithuania via Latvia to Estonia's Valga station on average will be transported in less than 1 day. In the future, it is hoped to develop a rail freight corridor of more than 1,200 km from Finland to Central Europe.