Guidelines on occupational health and safety requirements

Occupational health and safety is one of the main strategic priorities of Lithuanian Railways Group. 

The main occupational health and safety objectives are strengthening of employee leadership, promoting safety culture and implementation as well as improvement of related processes and opportunities. 

In order to develop a strong safety culture, the activities of the Lithuanian Railways Group are standardized and organized by applying the elements of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), additionally implementing the leadership of each employee and ensuring social dialogue, distribution of duties, rights and responsibilities in the field of safety. 

The safety and health of employees is ensured by developing risk elimination and employee safety and health risk reduction processes, their implementation and supervision, taking into account the hierarchy of control measures applied in the Lithuanian Railways Group: 

eliminate the hazard
substitute with less hazardous processes, operations, materials or equipment
use engineering controls and reorganization of work
use administrative controls, including training
use adequate personal protective equipment

To ensure the compliance of the employee health and safety management system we develop, implement and maintain product and service procurement management processes. Please read the memorandum -Memorandum for contractors, customers, suppliers, service providers on risk factors and ensuring mandatory safety requirements when providing services / goods in the territory of Lithuanian Railways Group and before starting the construction activities please fill in the safety inspection questionnaire presented here. 

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