LTG Cargo Ukraine transports freight by rail in Ukraine, provides competitive rolling stock rental, carries out associated activities, and aims to strengthen logistics supply chains between Lithuania and Ukraine. 

The Lithuanian rail freight transport company, LTG Cargo, part of the Lithuanian state railway company, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, owns 100% of LTG Cargo Ukraine shares. The company started operations in Ukraine in 2020. 


Locomotive Rental 

Locomotive Repair 

Freight transport by rail 

Freight Forwarding Services 

Wagon Rental 

Planned Semi-Trailer Transport 

Freight is transported on 1435mm and 1520mm gauge railways, including transfer services from one gauge to another on the territory of Lithuania This provides opportunities to deliver freight to Western, Central and Northern Europe.
Our clients benefit from the experience of our professional teams with customs procedures, using their accumulated knowledge to efficiently manage supply chains between different countries.
Klaipėda seaport in Lithuania is an alternative route for Ukrainian exports to the whole world – fast, reliable, and economically beneficial.
Competitive freight transport and reliable transfer services are available to Klaipėda seaport.
Klaipėda seaport provides competitive grain loading prices.


LTG Cargo Ukraine is guided by the principles of sustainability and commitment to the environment: it uses energy and natural resources efficiently, responsibly sorts the waste generated during its activities, and looks for solutions that allow it to contribute to one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics and transport modes: railways. 

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