Discover an effective intermodal route: Kaunas–Slawokow

Looking for new ways to transport your cargo more efficiently and sustainably in Europe? LTG Cargo Polska is expanding its railway network with a route Kaunas (Lithuania) ⇄ Slawkow (Poland) with a stop in Pruszkow (Poland). 

Regular trips (twice a week one way) and high capacity (up to 42 wagons) allow customers to easily connect the Baltic region with important transport hubs in Central Europe. From Slawkow you can easily connect your shipments with reliable delivery services to/from Ukraine and Klaipeda port. Intermodal rail transport can provide many benefits, including lower costs, less pollution and increased reliability.

Get in touch and discover a new way to move your cargo without interruptions. Experienced LTG Cargo professionals will make sure your journey is smooth and efficient. 

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Reliability and safety

Tailored routes and experienced operators make sure that your cargo arrives safely and on time. 

Lower transport costs

Intermodal transportation by rail saves money and time. Transport more goods at once and lower your costs. 

Higher sustainability

Reduce the CO2 footprint by employing the greenest mode of transport 

Easy access to connections

Rail offers you easy access to ports, terminals and new markets. Reaching these points directly saves you time and money. 

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