The terminal is located next to the largest railway marshalling station in Lithuania, Vaidotai, making it the main transit centre between East and West. During a working day, the terminal is capable of loading 168 TEUs. 

Vilnius Intermodal Terminal creates opportunities for the integration of Lithuania into the common transport network of the European Union and creates conditions for the interaction of various types of transport. The project “Design and construction of an intermodal terminal in the Vilnius Public Logistics Centre” was completed in 2014. It was implemented by the Lietuvos Geležinkeliai company with the support of the EU Cohesion Fund. 

Vision and goal 

  • Lithuania is the strongest logistics centre in the Baltic States; 
  • A hub of freight transport between East and West; 


The territory of Vaidotai was chosen due to two factors – the railway passing by (the largest railway marshalling station in Lithuania), and the planned construction of the southern bypass of Vilnius near this area. It will be possible to transport freight by rail conveniently and quickly to and from the port of Klaipėda. 

Gantry crane for containers – hoisting capacity of 40t with automatic gripper for 20, 40, and 45 feet containers and semi-trailers.
Loader for containers and semi-trailers with automatic gripper for 20, 40 and 45 feet containers and semi-trailers.
Hauler with 2-axle semi-trailer - container transport platform.
2.5t truck loaders.
three railway freight tracks – useful track length is 1811m.
container storage site with 1420 TEU places.
storage site for containers with refrigeration equipment with 164 TEU places.
car weighing scales.
covered warehouse of 1000 sq.m.
wagon loading side ramp.
Loading of containers.
Loading of palletised freight (up to 3.5 t of freight packed on a pallet).
Manual loading (when the weight of the freight package is up to 25 kg).