Šeštokai terminal is conveniently located – only 22km to the border with Poland. The terminal has a connection with both Western European 1435mm and Eastern 1520mm tracks. All freight loading operations are carried out at the terminal. During a working day, the terminal is capable of loading 168 TEUs. 

Gantry crane for RMG containers – hoisting capacity of 41t with automatic gripper for 20, 40, and 45 feet containers
gantry crane MKKS-42-K – hoisting capacity 32t
gantry crane KK-20-PC – hoisting capacity 20t
3 diesel "Artison" forklift trucks, TCM (with bale gripper) – lifting capacity 1.5-4t
Valtra wheeled tractor with semi-trailer and front loader
shunting locomotives of 1435 mm gauge and 1520 mm gauge
1520mm gauge loading track No. 6 – useful track length of 663m;
1435mm gauge loading track No. 8EU – useful track length of 791m
between the loading tracks there is a side ramp for loading wagons - the length of the ramp is 490m (of which 150m is covered with a roof), the width is 8.1m, the area is 3969 sq. m.  
packaged freight
containers (all types)
metal products (pipes, rails, angles, gutters, profiles, etc.)
wood and its products
various wheeled and tracked equipment and devices
bulk materials (packaged only)
liquid materials (only in tank containers)