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Information system „e.krovinys“

„e.krovinys“ is an information system for the management and accounting control of documents accompanying freight transport by rail of the Republic of Lithuania. It provides system users with the opportunity to collect and filter the collected data of transported freight documents in one place, to get the necessary information and to print it at all workplaces. 

The system includes the entire cycle of freight transport from the conclusion of the contract for freight transport with the client to the issuance of the VAT invoice for the provided services. 

In the information system, users can agree transport plans, order wagons, fill out and submit consignment documents to the railway station, fill in customs declarations, agree documents with the railway station, monitor the deployment of wagons in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, and follow current information related to freight transport published by LTG Cargo.  

Reservation of freight transport by rail services:  the opportunity to order services, agree the transport plan, order rolling stock, submit an application for the organisation of transport, and track the long-term operational balance of applications.
Monitoring the progress of the freight transport by rail: real-time information about the movement of freight by rail in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as about the driving of wagons to and from the access tracks. Electronic documents can be issued.
Automated preparation and submission of freight transport by rail documents to the recipient of the service: opportunity to prepare and submit declarations, consignment documents, review additional service documents (KR-34, KR-12, KR-53, KR-142), provide other documents required for the initiation and execution of freight transport by rail services (KR-29).
Automated preparation and submission of financial documents for freight transport by rail to the service recipient, opportunity to review normative, contract and invoice information.
Automated preparation of declaration and its submission to customs, opportunity to form general export declarations using EXS automated means.
Information in one place.  In order to save time of our clients, after installing the „e.krovinys“ system, LTG Cargo clients will be saved from the necessity to re-enter the data by inputting it in one place in the system – the “Order” – thus using previously entered data. Clients can also track their orders by monitoring the progress of loading, the deployment of wagons in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, and tax information.
Electronic signature. Clients can use electronic signatures and thus avoid printing, scanning and transporting documents to the station.
One-sheet concept. In order to simplify the user interface, the „e.krovinys“ information system uses a one-sheet concept, which provides the opportunity to fill in documents on one sheet, so there is no need to open separate windows in order to provide all the data necessary to organise freight transport.

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